Demand Your Increase

I began working at this new company and there were 8 outlets. Now there are 16. Many staff, including myself, doubted and still doubt this expansion and growth the director is pushing. I don’t understand why he keeps opening new stores even though he is finding it difficult to pay his current staff. I protest these developments day in, day out and I cant seem to get any form of understanding as to why he is doing these new locations under the current conditions.

This is of course my perspective and as I pondered on them a few minutes ago, the most profound lesson just hit me like a ton of rustic, well baked and aged bricks.

in the same why other people just demand their increase, so too should we. So too should I!

Despite the negative and the doubt coming from people around us, even those that are going to benefit or those that we would think or “on our team”, we should demand our increase, we should work hard on our dreams; despite our conditions…..

Despite our own shortcomings and our inability to physically account for every step of the way we should continue to make things happen for ourselves. Regardless of the difficulties, the road blocks, the nay-sayers, the lack, the stereotype whatever it is…. demand your increase; in words and in action and most importantly in faith.

Anyway that is my two cents even though its been said before……

Until Next Time …… Demand Your Increase!!!


Risks ….. 

For me, I like the safe option, I like knowing I have some control especially now since I have had my son. But these last couple weeks I have been given an opportunity to re-evaluate that norm. 

It has been extremely uncomfortable and different so much so it has impacted in me not just mentally and emotionally but physically. I am no guru or neither do I know it all, I am far from having my “ish” together but I have formed the opinion and the understanding that anything worth having is worth fighting for and yes I just used a cliche because that’s what best sums up what I had to say. 

“anything worth having is worth fighting for “

Work has been strenuous these last few days and while I may not fully know  how, I can safely say I am making changes. I have made a request for a transfer to anther department which means relocating. But for me that means I have two of the must important people around 24/7 and while I have to adjust to that reality and the sacrifices I have to make to ensure this arrangement work I am more that willing to; in hope of a desired future. 

At home presently, things have gotten a little strange and I get the sense it’s time to move on. I mean no harm nor disrespect in saying this neither are there any hurt feelings because we all knew this was inevitable. 

In my relationship I honestly have a lot of work to do. Distance does make the heart grow fonder and the skill of intimacy weak. I have so many new ideas and concepts I have I put into practice once I make that transition and I don’t know if I am there yet mentally. 

But we all have our own battles and struggles and we all find our own way of dealing with them. How are you handling changes in your life? Do you think getting professional help is better that tackling it on your own? I would live to hear what you think?

Until Next Time……..  Don’t jut exist, live!!!