A Girl’s Must-Have By Thirty according to yahoo.com


Recently read an article on Yahoo.com and they outline 11 things a woman should own for herself before age thirty. seeing I’m getting there sooner than I would like, I found it very interesting and thought … well do I really have these things figured out yet? Let’s be honest not every thing said online is true but this I found to aspirational- in a girl kinda way.That’s enough for me because that’s exactly what I am trying to be these days. But let’s be real is it me or are there women out there that just can’t relate to these kinds of lists???  I’ve been too much of a tom-boy for all my life and its gotten out of hand. So far I have tried to ensure my hair is done this month – which costed more than I cared to pay but I did it. Now I’m trying to get the wardrobe to match but let’s see about that.

Well back to the list…. here’s what they said I should have figured out by now:

1- A Basic Black Pumps:  Checked! I have a pair of Black suede pumps- super cute!

2- A Basic Pant Suit: Well no I don’t own one, but I have a couple blazers and few tailored pants I pair together. Does that count?

3- A Favourite/Signature Flower: OK I must admit I love Lilies and orchids but don’t own any. My schedule does not allow for nurturing anything…..

4- A Classic Timepiece: By now I have failed at this list .. I don’t own a watch right now I used to but I don’t now. This needs to change, I’m almost 30!

5- A Signature Lip Colour: Nope didn’t get this memo

6- A Signature Scent: Nope. Neither this

7- A Heirloom Jewellery Piece: OK so this is something kinda like an investment, that you would pass down to generations- safe to say I don’t have this.

8- A Piece of Original Art Work:  Are you serious….. this is a Must-Have??? OK I don’t have this.

9-A Staple Handbag: Alright I agree with this but nope, I own zero handbags but I love me my hand-made, original design, shoulder bag that I made and no its not a label thing it’s just much more functional for me.

10-A Winter Coat: Again super subjective- I don’t experience winter so that’s that!

11- A Little Black Dress: I do own one of these – it’s more “little” than “black” these days…. think I need a new one.

So now that I failed miserably at this list let’s hear what you think. What should a girl own – a real must-have- by age 30?

Until Next Time….. Stay Simple… Stay True!


The Basic- French Wardrobe Inspired 


I am in the process of updating my look. I like a clean, simple look and thought that this was a good foundation to build a more fashionable wardrobe. I have no idea where to begin and I’m on a budget but I am gonna make the best I it and try to keep you posted on the progress. 
What’s your style? Let me know in the comments and do tell your favorite store/brand.  
Until Next Time…… Happy Shopping!